Photo competition!

The last snow will soon disappear from all the stadiums in Europe, even its most northern parts. This is a great reason to start first in the history the battle of the «Russian Team». At the same time can participate in it any. All what will it take, the camera and the stadium!

Our online magazine is broadcast only about a month, and we do not know whether the cause of our readers are interested in this photo battle. However, the statistics of visits, sometimes exceeding 2000 hits per day from various parts of the world, gives us a chance to try to start, because if we do not try then never know.

Now more about the competition rules.

The first phase.
Date of the competition from 10 to 30 April.

In the first phase, all participants will be divided into two groups with conventional names Russian and English. The first will include participants from the former Soviet Union, the second the rest of the world.

To become a member, you should:

1. In the established period to select an interesting, in your opinion, the stadium in your city. This may be old and neglected stadium or a new, modern arena. It does not matter!
2. Go to it, armed with a camera and make photos, sure to pay attention to the detailed and overview photos.
3. Select the 9 most successful, as they say atmospheric photos and send them original to the email: In the subject line indicate the name of the stadium, city and country and in the comments the name of author’s reporting.
4. April 30, we summarize the line under the photo essays, and you send us will publish them on our site. Each participant will be able to vote for the top three, in his opinion the work in which the author most successfully conveys the atmosphere of the stadium and placed them on the places 1, 2 and 3.

At its own reporting member can not vote.
1st place receives 6 points, 2nd place 4 points, and 3rd — 3 points.
In the next phase from each group of three of the best reporting. A tie of the participants, for example, 3-4, then the group will leave both members.

Note: If you already have such photos, you have made previously, the term of old shall not exceed 1 year.

The second phase.
Date of the competition from 10 to 30 May.

In the second phase out of three of the best photographic reporting from the Russian and English groups, forming, thus, the final group of 6 participants.

Competitions are held at this phase the same scenario as in the first phase, because at your disposal must be at least two stadiums. If you live in a place where small and has only one football arena, in this case, you should contact us and we will find a fair solution.

The competition is good, this is what we will see many new arenas in the details, which will take note and try them over time. But since this is a competition, then it will be the winners, so there must be prizes. They are the latest issue of the magazine about football tourism «MROT», a new number which had already come out.