Photo Competition

For all of our colleagues for the groundhopping. RUSSIAN TEAM invites you to participate in the photo competition on the theme «Stadium» 

The first phase.
Date of the competition from 1 to 14 July. 

To become a member, you should:
1. In the established period to select an interesting, in your opinion, the stadium in your city or in another city were you been. This may be old and neglected stadium or a new, modern arena. It does not matter!
2. Go to it, armed with a camera and make photos, sure to pay attention to the detailed and overview photos. If your photos have already been made, these photos are also suitable for the competition, the only condition is that these pictures were taken not earlier than in 2012.
3. Select the 9 most successful, as they say atmospheric photos and send them original to the email: In the subject line indicate the name of the stadium, city and country and in the comments the name of author’s reporting. 
4. July 15, we summarize the line under the photo essays, and you send us will publish them on our site. Each participant will be able to vote for the top three, in his opinion the work in which the author most successfully conveys the atmosphere of the stadium and placed them on the places 1, 2 and 3.

If signed up participants will be more than 10 people, and we assume that it will be so, then competition will take place in two stages. In this case, the next stage of each group of three of the best story. With equal points at the participants, for example, 3-4, then the group will leave these two people.

The winner gets the glory and honor, all the rest — the cognitive picture stories from the stadiums of our vast Motherland. The essence of the tournament, entertain themselves, after all, pretty sure this season, all of you have visited more than a dozen stadiums … so choose the best and show it as part of our friendly tournament.