ENGLISH preview MROT № 12

12 th in a row hello to all obsessed of football and travel. Hold the new number «MagShop Report On Tour», and along with it — also application «MagShop Report Non Stop»!

The summer was hot, both in the literal sense of the word and figurative.
Unexpectedly for ourselves, we have collected around the «MagShop Report On Tour» union of groundhopping minded people, which was called «Russian Team». Besides the guys from Russia, it included representatives of Ukraine, which we are very happy, because the word «Russian» in the name of our association does not carry any political motive, but only implies that we all speak the same language. And that is growth activity of the guys from «Russian Team» will significantly expand our geography, we make new number and application for it about which later.

Especially pleased to know that exactly printed magazine was the instrument that was carrying the groundhopping to the masses, and this is in the age of human progress, the Internet and other virtual crap, proving once again that early to forget the good old fanzine.

During the time that has passed since the previous number, and it is a long six months, we have been visited a whole bunch of new stadiums, seen a lot of matches. And when it came time to put together all the impressions of what we saw, it was found that for all the things that we want to share with you, in the «MagShop Report On Tour» wage is not enough space.

Looking back, we thought that this «shirt» is already too small. Today edition ready to take another step forward and fatten «MagShop Report On Tour» from small, already passed, sizes S and M to large — L. When our mailbox was receiving letters from yours new reports more and more, we said to ourselves, «Why do we have to choose the best? And who can say which one is better?» We were interested to read every one of them, so why not be interesting to others?

And now to the content:

First foray — double in Western Ukraine — Lviv, with its new stadium, which will match the «Karpaty» — «Metallurg» (Donetsk) and Sambor, where we traveled to the championship game of the Lviv region and get acquainted with bright and original group of ultras. At that time while we will be in Sambor, one of the most experienced groundhopper from Germany will visit the fans, «Bukovina» and share his impressions about the game in Chernivtsi and Ukrainian hospitality.

After forward to central part of Ukraine — in Kirovograd, where watch the local confrontation between the «Zvezda» and «Arsenal» from Belaya Tserkov and in Solenoe — see match in the second division of the district (7 Level!), where local fans arrange a bright show.

And the next block of reports will not be without fans. Will open it with trip to Vienna derby, in which «Austria» will take their sworn enemies of the «Rapid». It will be hot! From there, go to Grodno to match the «Neman» — «Torpedo-BelAZ» (Zhodino), where the rain and bitter cold did not found no one fan of the local team. What happened with them?

Our groundhoppers from St. Petersburg talk about the local level matches in Pushkin and Kolpino. In both cases there were support, and it is quite interesting. After Belarus — Gomel going to the match with the same name club against FC «Shakhter» (Soligorsk), inspection of all stadiums of the city and find out what is «Polessky style».

The last report of this part — Murmansk. We were here at the game first time, «Sever» — «Znamya Truda» (Orekhovo-Zyevo).

Traditional rubric «Stadiums» this time will lead us in Nikopol. Three stadiums — three fates. On one of them, once bore the name «Spartak», fans of CSKA (Moscow) visited it in the mid of 80’s, and their visits were always accompanied by troubles.

Page «with taste» of beer will take us back to Lviv, but this time not for football, and the brewery. We learn the history of Lviv beer, visited on excursions in the museum of brewing, learn about the range of beer.

In traditional rubric «Microphone» — a guest from the heart of the resort of Crimea, which tells the long history of the fan-scene Yalta. She, by the way, had its origins as much in 1988, as I am sure that many of you did not even know about. But most probable that the availability of fans in Yalta, you never know.

For a snack — a continued retrospective story about trip on Balkany’2010. The second part tells about the events of the match, «Hajduk» — «Dynamo» (Bucharest) — the brightest sight which had ever seen the author. And it will end in the Montenegro, town Bar on the Adriatic, where will be determined our future plans, just twenty kilometers from the border with Albania.

Oh yeah, I forgot one more pleasant moment. This «MagShop Report On Tour» — 60 pages it is to four pages more than ever!

Happy reading …

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