Photo competition/Spring came, came football!

Spring came, came football! It’s time to announce the beginning of the next photo competition which so will be called «Spring came, came football!»

After spending the first year of life «Groundhopping/Russian Team» been somewhat independent of each other photo competitions, the rules of which have not been uniform, this year we decided to structure and integrate them into the season championship, which will consist of 4 rounds: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Rules of the game are very simple and the participate in the championship can take each of you. We invite all groundhoppers from all over the world to take part in our photo competition, show your strength in photographing stadiums and compete for the title of champion! Welcome!


Rules of the game.

The first stage / Date May 6 through May 20.

For application and participation is necessary to:

— In the agreed rules term to choose an interesting, in your opinion, stadium. It may be an old and abandoned stadium or a new modern arena, it does not matter.

— Go to him armed with a camera and make a photo report, be sure to pay attention not only to survey photos, but also to the details.

— Select 15 (less can be, more — not) very good pictures and send there originals on email: In the subject line enter the name of the stadium, the city and the country, and in the comments your name or nickname.

Remember, photo editing, with using Photoshop or any other similar software — are excluded. Also, it is important that photo was made no earlier than March 1, 2013.

From the submitted requests will be formed group. Their number and the number of participants in each of them depends on the number of submitted requests. I hope there will be more than usual.

Summing up the results of the first stage/May 21.

— May 21, we summarize the line under the photo-reports sent by you and will publish them on our website. In voting take part only the contestants, it means that, you’re choosing the top three, in your opinion works in which the author of the most successfully conveys the atmosphere of the stadium, put them in places, 1, 2 and 3. 1st place receives 6 points, 2nd place — 4 points, and the third — 3 points. For your own reportage can not vote!

To the vote is given week. On its results, we define the members of the playoffs. To the next step out the top two reporting from each group. In case of a tie among the participants in the second and third place, the group will leave both of them.

The second stage / Date May 27 through June 10.

The competition at this stage are the same scenario as in the first stage, so in your possession must be at least two stadiums. Remember that!

Summing up of the second stage/June 11.

To the vote in the second stage is given another week. At this stage of the vote, as in the first round, the participation of all parties, without exception, even those that were eliminated in the first stage of photo competition.

The winner of the first round will be announced on June 17.

Good luck to everyone, fair play and nice stadiums.